Flash2Advance Linker High Speed Linker kit review GBAX.com - 8th Aug 2002

This is our review of the much awated F2AL linker from Bung, this is their follow up to the original GBA flash linker - and its one very nice piece of kit, firstly there is no linker, the cable comes from your PC and goes right into the GBA, the flash cart into the GBA cart slot so when changing games on the cart you don't have to even take it out your GBA!

Its called the 'High Speed Linker Cable' for a reason - it is extreamly fast - almost twice as fast as the USB linker, its also nice to just be able to carry your GBA to the PC and plug it in, rather than having to use the flash linker. The reason for the speed increase seems to be because it uses the parallel port on the PC, and the carts have a new design which allows faster data transfer.

Another thing you will love, and can see in the pictures is that the carts are GBA size - look at the diffrence between the Visoly one and the new Bung one, the F2L carts come in 3 sizes, 64, 128 and 256, all these carts are the same small size. They come in the usual metal Bung cases too.

The software is a new version of the well known Flash Advance software, one of the most easy to use cart writers around, we are not sure if LittleWriter supports this new kit yet, but no doubt it will soon :)

Overall We are impressed by this new design, the GBA scene just keeps getting better and better, but is this better than the USB linker? It depends, if you don't have a USB port obviously this is the kit for you, if you only like to use USB devices on your computer then stick to the visoly kit. Both kits do what they say they do extreamly well, and we honestly cannot say one is better than the other, USB=nice design, F2L=Very fast. We will see which kit we use more around the office over the coming months :)

We have saved the best for last - these new kits are much cheaper than the USB linker at only 69.99 +vat for the 128meg kit and 99.99 + vat for the 256meg version, postage is also much cheaper at only 5.

If you need to ask anything about this new kit please email me at craig@cdworld.co.uk and I will answer and questions you might have. You can buy both the USB linker and the F2L linker on the main page.