If you have problems with any of the Flashing kits (Flash linker, PCLinker, GBX etc) here are some things to check before emailing for support, these simple checks fix 95% of problems, so lets go.

First things fisrt... is the software running? If you have windowsXP you may have to press the second mouse button on faw.exe, select properties, then the 'compatability' tab, then select windows98 compatability.

Make sure your computer parallel port is set to EPP mode, to do this press DEL when your computer is booting up, this will take you to the BIOS screen, in here goto ports/settings and make sure EPP is on (not ECP or Bi-Directional). If you have the choice of a version number select V1.9

Make sure the power supply is set to 9 volts, to check its working unplug everything from the linker apart from the power cable - does the light come on when you turn the linker on? If not make sure the polarity is set right - to do this simply remove the adaptor you are using and turn it round and reconnect it. Do we have light now? :)

Make sure you are using the latest software - you might also want to consider trying Littlewriter - a lot of people prefer this unofficial software as its very easy to use. You can find it on the supplied CD or download it here.

OK, the above 2 things have been checked, but still no joy? Remove any printer programs from memory - these have been known to interfear with the linker. Next set the speed (in config) to 1 (the lowest) and try again.

Q) The linker is writing but the ROMS are not working?

A) The most common reason for this is people forgetting to unzip them first :) Simple mistake to make.

Q) A game has became 'trapped' on the cart!

A) This has only ever happened once, but I thought I should mention it - It was cured by using LittleWriter to erase the cart, an alternative piece of software for the linker. It can be downloaded here.

Q) Its slow at uploading?

A) Increase the speed in config.

Still not found the answer you need? Then its time to email or phone :) Be aware here, you can ONLY ask for help if you have bought the kit from us (sorry, but its only fair our customers come first).