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Craig Rothwell
422 Denton Road
Denton Burn
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 7HB

Right, there are some SIMPLE RULES you must obey to get here, failure could result in you ending up in Scotland. Or down south of the Tyne, Roman Town as I call it.

Rule ONE: If you can come from the south - come on the A1

Rule TWO: Your on the A1? GOOD. Now after you cross the bridge over the RIVER TYNE come off at the next slip road, go right on the round about, down to the next one (next to bits of the Roman Wall), right again and your on Denton Road.

Rule THREE: People coming from the north, Scotland etc. you have 2 options, come off at the Junction above or go over the Tyne and come back over scotswood bridge. If your coming from Carslile area just follow the A69 - thats my road, and it goes all the way to Carslile (long road :)

Craig! I want to get the bus!
OK, from town get the number one bus, its about every 10minutes (although you tend to get 3 in a row) and goes right to my street, probably just ask for denton road.

OK, that should be it, look at the map on the left to get a birds eye view of it all. Easy really. But please, email me first ok?