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GRAIL Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh the police helicopter is out! ooooooooohhhh... CRAIG!! it's heading up to town, I reckon.... follow it!
Thu Dec 5 00:51:02 2002
Soggster Sickdick, I am obviously not hard enough. Johnsy matey, what a nightmare. You could tell the police to look for someone with soap suds on their shoes, and a piece of toilet roll stuck to their heel, because that's what i have to avoid when trying to get to your back door. Probably some kids masquerading as carol singers. Tuneless sods.
Wed Dec 4 23:35:29 2002
Johnsy Some scumbag nicked my girlfriends handbag out of the kitchen tonight - suppose it serves us right for not locking the door. The hassle involved is unreal though, cancelling cards etc house keys and work keys were in there too - locksmith coming tomorrow to change the locks - bet that will be cheap (not) - and heres me trying to be thrifty so I can buy some nice Christmas presents - Jesus we phoned the Police 2 mins after it happened (8pm) it is now 22:27 and still they havnt been.......bet If I had a light out on me car or was doing 32 in a 30 zone etc - rant over.
Wed Dec 4 22:29:31 2002
Soggster No, it wasn't Henry Africas it was Blue bell, Schnapps Bar, Club 2000. Henry's has turned into a youth club, and at 31 I no longer qualify. My dad has a car dealer type website thingy http://www.rstokesandson.co.uk/splash.htm its quite fancy really. Take your pick of Quality used cars...blah blah blah. Enough of that. Just been to watch 'Die another day', not bad at all. The surfing on the icey tidal wave was shit, but the rest of it was OK. Lots of sexyness and cars and things blowing up. Top do.
Wed Dec 4 12:08:07 2002
Dr Who I have solved your mystery competition Craig, and the answer is "Penile Scrapeostomy". What do I win?
Wed Dec 4 11:34:52 2002
Noel's Stunt Co-ordinator I feel fucking terrible about lying to Noel about being qualified, but in my defence he wasn't paying very well, and the offer of a threesome with Cheggers and Philbin wasn't exactly up my street. Anyway, I did my time, and Noel did Mr Blobby...
Wed Dec 4 01:11:38 2002
Michael Lush Yes, I have a large wooden box (about 6 foot long) that I'd like to swap for just about anything, although a working bungee rope would be nice.
Tue Dec 3 14:49:19 2002
Noel Edmonds Has anyone got anything they would like to swap
Tue Dec 3 10:29:19 2002
Σουβλακη - Souvlaki http://www.cloud10.org/newimages26/jaylobj.wmv
Tue Dec 3 10:11:21 2002
Craig OK, xmas is coming and i have finally worked out a competition, it will be ready this week and its a MYSTERY SOLVING one. First person to solve it wins... anything they want from the site, or several things or whatever.
Tue Dec 3 00:21:33 2002
craig no, they still have £6000 of my money.
Tue Dec 3 00:20:28 2002
djgarf hi craig,just wondered if u got a refund from lik sang yet as a couple of my mates just recieved their's!
Mon Dec 2 21:40:29 2002
Sickdick BORINGGGGGGGGG MOTHERRRRRRRRRRR FUKERRRRRRRRRR,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, C,mon soggster FIGHT me ya red headed soak........I,ll even let ya have a head start........you can use Jacqui's head as a mace!.....C'MON..Ave.A..Go..If..You..Think...you,re..Hard..Enuff.............
Mon Dec 2 20:18:50 2002
GRAIL I need a car. What's the cheapest you can sort me?
Mon Dec 2 20:11:15 2002
Jacqui Why is it we all get boring in serious relationships. I'm a right boring old cow now! All I think of when I do IF I do go out is how I'd much rather be at home snuggled up! How sad is that! God I'm DEPRESED!
Mon Dec 2 17:42:38 2002
walker which flange pit was it, henry africas???
Mon Dec 2 10:53:39 2002
Soggster My dad is a car dealer, and so is my brother, it's a tough old game. I on the other hand do not wish to get my hands dirty, so I do other things. As is traditional with someone of my new, 'single' status, I went out on the piss at the weekend, friday, I got to bed at 4:30am completely pissed, and saturday night only managed a measley 2am. I must admit that I have become soft in my old age, and it will probably take until well into the new year to recover from 2 days of binge drinking. I even at one stage stumbled onto the dancefloor of the local flange pit, and started to dance. After only 30 seconds a team of paramedics rushed onto the dancefloor to check if i'd swallowed my tongue. They also disturbed the neon flashing sign that illuminated above my head as soon as i stepped on the dancefloor. The sign hovered mere inches adove my head with the phrase "come, come see the freak" in bright red letters. I shall not be dancing in the future. I didn't even get a sniff of a pull, so it's back to the jamjar full of warm liver for me, and the Portnoids cream of course.
Mon Dec 2 00:31:15 2002
craig i know its all true ain't it, dying on its feet. bahhh not my fault i swear i'm just like so busy these days, i will make an effort honest!
Sun Dec 1 22:07:39 2002
Jacqui Oh dear the amount of posts in here has a direct correlation to craigs!
Sun Dec 1 21:20:29 2002
Doc Cox from That's Life Adrian, I know. I miss our vegetable fun.
Sat Nov 30 10:50:34 2002
Adrian Mills I have a penis shaped like a parsnip, if that helps at all?
Sat Nov 30 00:14:53 2002
Doc Cox from That's Life Eeeee, what sorta experiences have folks had with eBay? Has anybody got a big overall negative feedback rating they are proud of? Or has anyone picked up a bargain? Is it worth flogging all of a person's stock on eBay? Is this just too boring to answer?
Sat Nov 30 00:08:52 2002
Sickdick Eeeeeeeee EEEEEEEEEE, MOTHERRRRRRRR FUKERRRRRRRR, got me payment accepted at last, gonna get down wit my BAD self, and play gameboy wit a clear screen, Eeeeeeeeeee EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Fri Nov 29 23:05:27 2002
GRAIL SURE SURE.... give away stuff.... I've heard THAT before..... STILLLLL WAITING for my prize.......... ICE ICE BABY.
Fri Nov 29 10:45:22 2002
craig because i'm a lazy bastard. I'm going to put up all my warez on one simple page sometime soon, everything i've ever made that i can still find. And i still want to do a xmas competition and give away stuff.
Thu Nov 28 11:04:54 2002
Winer Milly 2: The first frontier Why can I not download Jet set willy 2 from this site like I used to? Most of the links in that page are dead now.
Wed Nov 27 22:59:40 2002
plant Ah yes. 'Hot Shot City' - Track 6 I believe. That'll be the one where half way through he does a kind of talky bit saying 'Oh Baby you look so good in those jeans oooh'. Great song, but I prefer 'All The Right Moves' from his 'Knight Lover' album (German Import).
Wed Nov 27 19:08:49 2002
Powerhouse Why not buy Looking For - Best Of David Hasselhof for the special lady in your life this Christmas? I've heared the song "Hot Shot City" is particularly good.
Wed Nov 27 15:58:13 2002
green fairy dot com Powerhouse darling, I applaud you. Didn't even make it throught two chapters myself before having to put it down yawning.
Wed Nov 27 12:33:53 2002
craig it may as well be a bloody repeat, as soon as i saw her babysitting for a dodgy family you could see where it was going. It has nothing to do with blackmailing jack this time though, it just happens to be taking place on the same day that LA is going to be nuked. Lame. Spoils it. They should have just written kim out.
Tue Nov 26 18:13:35 2002
Powerhouse I read the first two chapters of the first Harry Potter, but it was like reading a kids book (even though people have said "ooh it's not a kids book, it's for adults as well. Honest"). I didn't enjoy it, but I quite enjoyed the film.
Tue Nov 26 16:36:43 2002
Craig You sure your not downloading repeats of 24?
Tue Nov 26 16:36:03 2002
Powerhouse Oh yeah, like fuckin SPOILER ALERT, why not eh? Hope you enjoy your 180 quid GENESIS player Craig. Phil Collins Story Part 2 (The Eighties) on Radio 2 this saturday.
Tue Nov 26 12:20:38 2002
craig I was showing someone how to use kazaa lite and we downloaded a version of harry potter and it turned out to be excellent quality, unfortunately there was not enough time to watch all of it, but I saw half and it looked like great fun! On a similar note i've been watching the new series of 24 which i've been downloading every week since the new series started in the US and KIM HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED AGAIN. Enough said.
Mon Nov 25 23:07:01 2002
Jacqui WEll I think they are nothing on the books! Saw the new bond film also which was just another bond film so if you like em you'll like it!
Mon Nov 25 22:05:25 2002
Soggster I went to see the new harry potter film at the brand new local UCI cinema, it was pretty good. I took a small child so as not to look like a wierdo, it's fairly scary for the under 10's, but all n all a good effort.
Mon Nov 25 20:46:24 2002
Craig I want Mark Hamil to win. No. erm... the one from take that, as he seems to be unable to offend anyone, and i'd like to see him back in the charts, yeeeahhh TAKE THAT!
Mon Nov 25 18:57:47 2002
Cyan House What do you call a man who works just as hard as a woman??? A Lazy Bastard!!!:)
Sun Nov 24 20:05:51 2002
GRAIL god no! not my cup of tea.
Sun Nov 24 17:41:59 2002
green fairy dot com Anne 'Cot Death' Diamond?
Sun Nov 24 11:39:26 2002
Myopic Mike Cor yeah! Id crawl through a barrel of broken glass just to stick matches in her shit.
Sat Nov 23 00:28:33 2002
Short-Sighted Cyril Heyyyy, have you seen that tasty bird Anne Diamond on Celebrity Big Brother... she's hot!
Fri Nov 22 19:50:06 2002
Sir Lurkalot Do you mind ? We are having "quiet time" in here at the moment ;-)
Fri Nov 22 16:20:16 2002
Sickdick MOTHERRRR FUCKERRRRRRRRR, can,t order replacement screens , as worldpay is down, ARGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Fri Nov 22 16:16:08 2002
Sir Lurkalot No, it was Col. Mustard. In the Library, with the Candlestick.
Fri Nov 22 16:13:46 2002
Jacqui No it was pc silly!!!
Fri Nov 22 15:06:45 2002
Powerhouse "Gone With The Wind"! Hohoho!
Fri Nov 22 15:05:26 2002
Sir Lurkalot The Great Escape ?
Fri Nov 22 15:03:11 2002
Powerhouse Right. hehehe.... ....... ..............
Fri Nov 22 15:00:50 2002
Sir Lurkalot Nah, It was "Far from the Madenning Crowd". Your go.
Fri Nov 22 14:43:16 2002
Powerhouse I didn't, dunno about anyone else though. You?
Fri Nov 22 14:26:18 2002
GRAIL Ewww did you go see them?
Fri Nov 22 13:10:06 2002
Powerhouse Goldfinger.
Fri Nov 22 11:03:34 2002
Sir Lurkalot How about Charades ? I'll go first ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... there!
Fri Nov 22 10:54:44 2002
andyr0ck all the talk of Myra makes me think of Morris' 'pulp-esque' video in Brasseye - decline; "Every time i see your picture, Myra, I have to find a prostitute that looks like you and hire her." hoo-hoOO! bad...
Fri Nov 22 10:30:13 2002
Powerhouse No, I know it's pubes. Filthy.
Fri Nov 22 09:25:22 2002
Stumpy My mornings usually start with a P. That or a good Ertha.
Thu Nov 21 23:38:28 2002
Sickdick I,d like to see your little eye jacqui. especially if it starts with a pee.
Thu Nov 21 23:28:18 2002
craig PIE!
Thu Nov 21 23:01:52 2002
Sir Lurkalot Ping Pong table ?
Thu Nov 21 21:11:47 2002
Jacqui No lets play I spy! I spy with my little eye something beginning with p!
Thu Nov 21 20:44:49 2002
Σουβλακη - Souvlaki Hit :(
Thu Nov 21 15:52:11 2002
Soggster You sank my coracle!
Thu Nov 21 14:54:47 2002
Sir Lurkalot I'm bored. Does anyone fancy a game of battleships? I'll go first, er... B4
Thu Nov 21 13:44:11 2002
Sickdick Krays don't qualify as serial killers, gangland executioners maybe but not serial killers. And myra did BRING the kids to brady knowing he was gonna rape and torture and kill em, and she did it that more than once.
Thu Nov 21 11:58:44 2002
green fairy dot com Always pleased to help the underpriviledged. Yes i did, but I posted it mostly because I was amazed that any politician would admit to his country having a less than sparkling white past. Unimaginable to consider Bush doing the same.
Thu Nov 21 11:40:42 2002
craigixiixixixixxixxxxx GREEN i was too stupid to workout if you subscribed to jack straws views on the old empire or not, can you tell me so i can maybe put accross my possibly uneducated and slightly illiterate views?
Thu Nov 21 02:53:46 2002
Powerhouse Hey man I love u aal, dontcha worry bout it. Not 1 rant about wcko Jacko?? He's a loony to be sure, Dead by 01/12/03 I'll bet.
Thu Nov 21 00:33:01 2002
Thu Nov 21 00:14:30 2002
craig Talking of Myra how come didn't they drive her body through the streets of london so the locals could cheer and wave like they did with those other serial killing scum the krays?
Wed Nov 20 23:50:28 2002
mat It is quiet in here innit, i hope it wasn't my Myra comment? I'm on the "follow Maria in the Helicopter" mission on GTA3 now, 79% of the game done!. Amazing game.
Wed Nov 20 22:45:48 2002
craig arrrr its pretty quiet in here, and even i don't have anything to say. Apart form my moans about GTA vice being a bit of a dissapointment, very short and the difficulty curve just isn't there. The funny thing is that i'll probably keep playing GTA3 for fun, but i probably won't bother with gta vice again.
Wed Nov 20 19:51:18 2002
Charlie's Angel's - Come On... Check out my new website, featuring Northern Cats singing "Independant Woman". N-Joy... http://www.rathergood.com/independent_woman/
Tue Nov 19 21:44:32 2002
craig nahhh it was the real deal, the cheque was with it and everything, i've paid it in and i am waiting for my part of the legacy to clear.
Tue Nov 19 14:22:46 2002
mat I think we should have a minutes silence for Myra. Oh, no, it should be a minutes SHOUTING shouldn't it?
Tue Nov 19 12:30:24 2002
A beastie boy I like my sugar with coffee and cream
Tue Nov 19 11:08:33 2002
Cap'n Superfluous Intergalactic? Planetary? Planetary? Intergalactic?
Tue Nov 19 08:01:16 2002
Soggster I appologise for yesterdays drunked outburst. I do hope you can all forgive me.
Mon Nov 18 23:59:12 2002
Dylan!!!!!!!!!! Craig the site rocks i love the links!! Cant wait for my GBA+F2L :D!!!!!
Mon Nov 18 21:59:04 2002
Lord Longdead What are you all talking about? Myra is a lovely misunderstood lady. What, she's dead? Me too? FUCK!
Mon Nov 18 18:50:53 2002
Sir Lurkalot So Craig, did this fancy solicitor's letter ask you to wire them £500 to cover "legal expenses" before they'd send you your money ?
Mon Nov 18 18:48:11 2002
M. Theresa I have been filled with the Love of Christ.
Mon Nov 18 15:52:44 2002
Myra H. The devil has his cock up my bum :-(
Mon Nov 18 10:53:37 2002
craig I don't think we really care about Myra, she just does not have the comedy appeal of fred 'he makes ladies dead' and rose.
Mon Nov 18 00:21:08 2002
Soggster I'm pissed, zbbbbahhhhhhhh, kentucky....ahhhhhhh, cant see properly....mmmm. Bums and fannyies, genius. And the word quim. No 1. on the things to do before i die list is "compete in the Haxey Hood". I thank you.
Sun Nov 17 23:52:48 2002
Sickdick Ahhhhhhhh, the penny drops...........just looked at your site green fairy, very good it is too, I loved the hatemail, so SERIOUS, wot larks.
Sun Nov 17 16:17:28 2002
Sickdick My fav was "The Final Outrage 'she died in peace'" Mail again I,m afraid (knot) I think they would have prefered "she died in pieces"..........I also love the way it opens the death penalty debate again, I personally would love to attend a public execution, we could have them at our national stadium....if we had one...it would sell thousands of tickets more than the fa cup.yeah with cheerleaders too.... yeah blonde cheerleaders..blonde cheerleaders without pants on...............I gotta go................................................................
Sun Nov 17 16:02:52 2002
Jacqui Craig mate can I ask you a favour just spotted a bargin car online andf it's near you can you go have a look at it for me and if it is good I'll come pick it up?
Sun Nov 17 15:18:06 2002
green fairy dot com Craig. You have managed to set up a lovely, short title for yout July archives, thus referrals from that page do not send my marvellous blue layout into spasm, kindly implement the same for your main page. Oh, and it's 'YOU'RE living in the past'.
Sun Nov 17 13:43:14 2002
green fairy dot com I can't believe no-one on here has mentioned Myra Hindley yet - come on, I expected lots of frothing, Daily Mail style comments along the lines of 'Let the bitch burn in hell'. Have you suddenly all gone reasonable on me?
Sun Nov 17 13:29:53 2002
Sickdick Ahhhh, young Jacqui, I bet your all soft and cuddly, and smell nice too.... even your naughty bits.................................ahhhhhh ...a condor moment....................
Sun Nov 17 12:28:06 2002
Jacqui_UK Who watched that best sellers of all times I thought Bohemian Rhapsody would win, but no it was candle in the wind another chance to praise princess diana!!!
Sun Nov 17 10:18:56 2002
Denton Denton's cry over the radio of "This whole town is infested with killer cockroaches, repeat, KILLER COCKROACHES!"
Sun Nov 17 02:11:30 2002
i'm your mom Buy and wear a wig!
Sun Nov 17 01:38:16 2002
Sickdick The brixton quip was good by the way.
Sat Nov 16 20:01:19 2002
Sickdick I too have choked my chicken.
Sat Nov 16 19:57:38 2002
green fairy dot com Too morbid? Jaysus, you don't contemplate the meaning of life much.
Sat Nov 16 17:04:00 2002
Jacqui I'm not going to bit too morbid for me!
Sat Nov 16 15:59:40 2002
Powerhouse Have a bisexual experience. Great idea Soggster, you'll have to post your list when it's complete. I'm gonna draw up my own list I think.

Are YOU?

Sat Nov 16 01:06:57 2002
BattleM@n ....Swim with Dolphins, tell a "B"-list celebrity to "Fuck Off" right in their face, have a sexual experience with a miscellanious kitchen implement, get roadrage whilst playing tennis and fart....
Sat Nov 16 01:06:10 2002
Soggster Cheers, I've done some of those already. Some good ones though. I've killed a chicken, raced a car, streaked (at a party), done some 'charidy' work. Ponytail thing maybe hard as i'm a complete cueball. Record a song, now thats going on the list. I'm so shit at singing. magic
Sat Nov 16 00:53:01 2002
Powerhouse Spread boot polish on your face and spend the evening strolling around Brixton exclaiming "Yo! Gettin down wid me niggas, where's me bitch bro?"
Sat Nov 16 00:38:11 2002
Powerhouse Grow a Seaman ponytail, learn to horsejump, learn the banjo / ragtime guitar style, eat dog, kill a chicken, drive to the med.
Sat Nov 16 00:19:08 2002
Powerhouse Lose weight?..... ;-) Um, write % record a song/songs, race a car, dedicate a period of time to work for a good cause, race a triathlon, streak, go vegitarian, have an affair, throw a television out the window.
Sat Nov 16 00:15:20 2002
Soggster Johnsy and I are compiling a list of things to do before we die, any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.
Sat Nov 16 00:09:07 2002
Soggster Oh no. I'm putting weight back on. Fat Bastard. This week I have mostly been out socialising and trying not to become a billy no mates hermit.
Fri Nov 15 19:45:10 2002
Mr Argument A good point to start the goatee beard debate again... I suppose it must catch the drips?
Fri Nov 15 19:20:19 2002
Powerhouse My breath sometimes smells of girls naughty bits, but not fishy. Is this normal? (NOTE: this is usually after I've had no contact with girls naughty bits for some time beforehand)
Fri Nov 15 15:29:00 2002
Mr Argument Old spunk! Well fuck you, your breath smells of fresh dog spunk.
Fri Nov 15 15:09:26 2002
Brilliantttttttt Are,nt girls great, they are all soft and smell nice BRILLIANTTTTT, even their naughty bits which are quite ugly smell nice, kinda fishy but BRILLIANTTTT.
Thu Nov 14 21:56:32 2002
Jacqui Ok so why can't they just make a special gunn that has buttons like the g con 2 for vice city all you need is the analog sticg like the dreamcast gun does and a couple of others and your sorted for playing vice city with a gun none of this two people shit! Also I've owned a lot of games systems and I can honestly say the older ones have advantages but the graphics now a days are so realistic in some cases it's scarey. I love gun games but unfortunately getting worse with age whats that all about! I'm only 21!
Thu Nov 14 21:38:32 2002
mat aye aye aye, calm down will yu? everybody stay caaaaalm (in a scouse accent)
Thu Nov 14 21:31:17 2002
BattleM@n Well F*ck you both!
Thu Nov 14 18:08:06 2002
Powerhouse Fuck off mate you can count the number of mistakes I've made on the fingers of one hand, and everyone loves my firm buttocks. You on the other hand are as thick as a brick and smell of old spunk.
Thu Nov 14 16:44:24 2002
Mr Argument I'm bored... does anyone want an argument to pass the time? I'll start it off... YOU'RE WRONG AND YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT. Your turn.
Thu Nov 14 16:08:18 2002
craig The best thing about this strike is they won't attend non-life threataning fires. So I can burn down half of my area then.
Thu Nov 14 15:11:06 2002
Arnold Rowling For Christ sake woman, have you been at the gin again?
Thu Nov 14 13:41:49 2002
JK Rowling I read a wonderful book some years ago called "Tom Brown's School Days" it was about this wonderful young man who was sent to boarding school and fell foul of a blond haired bully called Flashman. They had such a rivalry it was great. (thinks) that sounds rather like...........................................oh shit..........................................
Thu Nov 14 13:33:32 2002
sarabob Woo-hoo. Strike's been going on for nearly 18 hours and only three people dead. Just you wait until the paramedics (paid less than firemen) and nurses (three years training and a journal is more like "professional" than just having lots of fancy toys IMHO) strike for more money. Amateurs.
Thu Nov 14 11:06:11 2002
sarabob JK Rowling - stop whinging and FINISH THAT BLOODY BOOK, damn you.
Thu Nov 14 11:02:46 2002
Arnold Rowling What the Hell are you blathering on about now woman?
Thu Nov 14 09:54:52 2002
Prometheus This is all such great PR for the fireman, as people die because of their strike. Soon the public will start setting fire to fire stations I shouldn't wonder. And what about all the cats up trees. It's gonna get crowded up there.
Thu Nov 14 09:33:38 2002
JK Rowling If any other fuker trys to rip my ideas off like that russian git I,ll sue.
Thu Nov 14 09:25:07 2002
Powerhouse Craig, your evil plans will be thwarted by the Green Goddess!
Thu Nov 14 00:03:12 2002
GRAIL AAAAH my black and red theme came to an end.
Wed Nov 13 23:25:50 2002
GRAIL aye, nintendo had that fucking Virtual Fun Boy, or something similar sounding. My friend bought one of those the other month. Head Aches all round.
Wed Nov 13 23:24:15 2002
craig i was thinking how excellent that very gun would be in vice city in a kinda 2 player mode (one person runs the other can aim and shoot). I really want to be seeing sony developing a VR headset soon for games like this.
Wed Nov 13 16:07:18 2002
GRAIL Well I'm the fairest of them all... I own a Sega Megadrive.... MEGA... they don't call it mega for no reason. I have like 6 games for it, my favourite being California Games. I like roller skates. IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH... I own a spectrum comadore(sp?)64... WITH A GUN. Yeah. I'll be in fashion again... one day.
Tue Nov 12 19:23:55 2002
BattleM@n I cancelled my order with '24hr delivery guarenteed' people & went and got Vice City on saturday - it is sooooooo cool - the golf buggy mission is halarious :) I looooooooooooooooove the new weapons - mwahahahahaaaaaa...........
Mon Nov 11 19:19:55 2002
Mikey GTA isn't likely to appear on the Xbox anytime soon, there is a similar game called "Streets of LA" that's coming though... Just to start up the traditional fanboy type-debate, have a look at this: http://www.joshimitsu.com/halo.jpg Made me snigger, and I have all three platforms...
Mon Nov 11 17:10:20 2002
barron von marlon Does anyone know if there are plans for vice city on the x-box? It cant be that hard for the developers port it across to another system surely???
Mon Nov 11 12:58:41 2002
mat I have completed 78% of GTA3 on my PC. It's really rather exciting. Thing is though I have until way-after christmas to get the next one, I think, unless anyone know the release date for the PC version of Vice City??? I'll just have to spend the next 3 months getting all the hidden packages (52 of which I have now!)
Mon Nov 11 12:20:52 2002
Religious Nut Sadly even GTA 3 is better than life for some of us.
Mon Nov 11 01:35:50 2002
craig I only read fact based books, my collection of books on roman and dark ages is possibly too much now (and so much material is repeated in them all). I only have a PS2, with just 2 games (gta3 and now gta vice), handhelds i have of course the gba, but i only dev on the gba - i only have one game for it, mario! And the GP32 of course (were still waiting for UK edition consoles with an english OS). And yep, GTA3 is the game you used to dream about back in the day, GTA vice adds the ability to build your empire and buy property, if the trend should continue GTA4 could be better than real life. (i wish the virtual reality goggles had caught on back in the early 90's). I know green, sad.
Mon Nov 11 00:46:33 2002
Soggster I agree with you there, point black is a classic.
Sun Nov 10 19:37:15 2002
Jacqui Me being the sad muppet I am have a psone ps2 dreamcast n64 pc gamecube and gameboy advance! It all depends on what sort of games you like! I must admit I'm probably totally different to all you but I love the game cube I think it is well good! Love Mario sunshine! on my level! Grand theft auto vice city is pretty coolcutting of heads with the samari sword and also doing a texas chainsaw massicre was a stroke of genius. The golf cart is good and I love the idea of having bikes to ride. Surprisingly easy to get a wanted level though and so many bloddy cops! I also have brought lord of the rings two towers which is great graphics and eternal darkness which is also a good game. Still I'm a sad muppet who likes nothing better then a game on point blanks or something similar or a go on euro stage dancing mix!
Sun Nov 10 17:25:24 2002
Soggster Now being a single bloke with lots of time on my hands, and the full gamut of consumer gaming electronics, I would say the following for each system. PS2-2 years old now, and creaking against some of the new gear, but a huge easily copied game library. XBOX-Great machine, games are harder to copy and there aren't as many of them, but will probably be a good bet if the get the broadband capability sorted out. Gamecube-Can't copy games nuff said. GBA-Portable, but against the others, a bit challenged. I bought 2 books this weekend, both studies of the human form (No not porn) for artists. I have decided that I need to have a bit of creativity in my life and have taken to drawing which I haven't doen since school. I may even enrol in a class. If i do, it will inevitably lead to a Bohemian commune in Prague with years lost to the Absinthe monsters. I also got Lord of the rings "the Two Towers" for PS2 off Mirc, it's a little shallow, but very very pretty. Much like me....hmm
Sun Nov 10 15:05:29 2002
Powerhouse Green Fairy is my second favourite curmudgeon (behind Geoffrey Palmer's character in As Time Goes By).
Sat Nov 9 17:53:11 2002
Religious Nut Is green fairy Stephen Fry in disguise? Books!
Sat Nov 9 17:30:04 2002
Tom Craig, a couple of those gba games you sold me with the flash linker don't save, please help!!!!!!!!
Sat Nov 9 13:19:07 2002
green fairy dot com God yes, you're the 'saddest' thing on the planet to only have two methods of playing games, one a bit old at that. How about sticking with your PS1 and buying some books instead?
Sat Nov 9 12:55:35 2002
Religious Nut As a sad loser with only a high spec PC and Ps one (yes) to my name, what would people recommend from PS2, X box, GBA and I suppose Gamecube.
Sat Nov 9 01:32:08 2002
Powerhouse I thought my choice of colours was so innovaive... oh well, kip with one eye open, biting your pillow tight.
Sat Nov 9 00:05:38 2002
Powerhouse Hola! I'm on the second island in GTA3 and I agree with everybody who said it was the best game ever. It's the sort of game you used to dream of when you looked at the cover of all those old Speccy games, and they looked so open & thrilling, but turned out to be not much different from anything you'd played before...... I'm looking forward to flying the plane, completing the game then going out to buy Vice City. It really eats up your time though.
Sat Nov 9 00:03:15 2002
BattleM@n Actually I'm not, 'cause the on-line store that promised 24 hr fast-track delivery has RUN OUT OF BASTARD COPIES!!!!! This is despite the fact that I pre-ordered the thing over a week ago - you would have thought they'd prepare for the huge number of requests, but obviously I'm just a stupid a$$ who knows nothing about the basics of supply and demand.....
Fri Nov 8 17:21:26 2002
Craig GTA Vice city - sound track absolutely fucking amazing, over 100 tracks and 2 talk stations! Back to playing. I hope all you are doing the same.
Fri Nov 8 15:47:32 2002
hola caracola
Fri Nov 8 12:43:46 2002 <
asdf, asdf USA
Soggster Last night I got pissed and watched 'Jackass' the movie. A stroke of genius, no plot, no story, just over and hour of gross stupidity of the highest order. Being pissed does increase the enjoyment immensely. I have seen the revies of it on IMDB and most people seem to either give it a 10 or a 0, I give it a 10.
Fri Nov 8 09:18:00 2002
Diana....... What wonderful people you all are. Mr Soggster sounds a complete gentleman, and i,m sure I can count on his support in this vote for Diana thingy (blushes) how nice that SO many of you think I,m the BEST Britain to ever have lived. Ohh if I had to give a tip it would be ALWAYS employ a British workforce..Err that is apart from Butlers.....ohh and Chauffers.....yes..and bodyguards.and never trust any fucker with the name Hewitt. Well must dash it seems Mr shakespear and Mr Dickens are having a straightner over who is the second best to me, TTFN.
Thu Nov 7 13:54:12 2002
Σουβλακη - Souvlaki Yummy Yummy Greek food for my tummy. Not seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but I reckon it has got to be the best film of 2002, apart from all the other, clearly better films that is.
Thu Nov 7 11:51:24 2002
Mel Gibson I am pissed
Thu Nov 7 01:32:24 2002
Soggster If 'Signs' is put in league with other B-movie fodder, such as 'The gigantic man' or 'Attack of the 50 foot woman' then it is solid brainless entertainment. Just been to a pub quiz with Johnsy, we came 4th and out of the 3rd place beer token spot due to my insistance that the peacock is within the pheasant family being overuled by the turkey family. Bah. I have had 3 pints and i'm nearly pissed, must be out of touch. Had some of those 'fancy' walkers crisps. 3 cheese and red onion. Tasted nice, less harsh than normal C&O, but have i just fallen for their marketing ploy, and am trying to justify the extra cost. Fuck it, I live my decadent western lifesyle in anyway i choose. I may go out and buy more over priced salted snack treats tomorrow, just for the hell of it. Kettles crisps, now they are nice, but they don't half repeat on me. Goodnight.
Wed Nov 6 23:29:13 2002
BattleM@n Don't worry - Big Fat Arse Wedding was worse than signs - but that doesn't make signs a great movie. It was dull, predictable and verging on the 'Blair Witch'. "Ooooohhhh - This is really spooky" - uh....yeah....right...if you say so.....
Wed Nov 6 23:08:59 2002
Prince William But don't you end up with one arm bigger than the other? A small price to pay, granted. Here's a tip, never trust the butler. Vote Diana!
Wed Nov 6 18:44:18 2002
Soggster I have been sooooo busy. The life of the single man is now becoming normal for me, since my split I have been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but it seems to be coming to a halt now. I have found that spending long periods of time in the luxury of my private masturbatorium does wonders for one upper body strength. It is also my honest opinion that 99% of women do not and will never understand what pornography means to the average male within or without a relationship.
Wed Nov 6 16:45:43 2002
Rhant w0ttuge......................................................soon.................................................................................................................soon................................................................www.pussy.org
Wed Nov 6 15:59:57 2002
Powerhouse Then why refuse Soggster's offer of top and fingers? What was wrong with Signs? It was a great film, in its old fashioned B movie way. 1000% percent better than My Big Fat Greek Wedding anyway. Does anyone live near a Greek restaurant/cafe? Imagine eating Greek food every lunchtime. Lovely!
Wed Nov 6 10:02:36 2002
Diana....... Why are you all being so nasty to one?, I love everyone so very much, PLEASE if you can find it in your heart vote for one, I love you.
Wed Nov 6 06:18:55 2002
Jacqui Hmmm forgot what I was gonna say now dam it!
Tue Nov 5 21:31:02 2002
BattleM@n Actually craig, it borrowed heavily from all three "...of the dead" films. That said, your review is amazingly accurate!!!
Tue Nov 5 19:13:40 2002
Powerhouse 30,000 POSTS MY ARSE!
Tue Nov 5 15:15:18 2002
Soggster That's a bit like saying that just because a show has Delia Smith in it it has to be a cooking show. It's true that it doesn't, but it is also true, that if you were expecting a cooking show you may be a trifle dissapointed if it turns out to be a period drama.
Tue Nov 5 13:42:23 2002
green fairy dot com Just because 28 days has 'zombies' in it, doesn't mean it's supposed to be a zombie film. I think you play too many computer games.
Tue Nov 5 13:33:56 2002
Soggster I don't understand what MAT is talking about but it was funny. If anyone remembers my incident with the digital camera I installed for a customer a few months ago, where it was full of pics of his wife with a dildo? Well I'm going back there tomorrow to sort something else out. Genius. I'll have a trawl through his pc and try to nick some pics. Huzzar.
Mon Nov 4 19:32:03 2002
Craig just saw 28 Days Later... will review later.
Mon Nov 4 17:53:33 2002
SJ Why shouldn't you wear Ukrainian underpants? Chernobyl fall out.
Mon Nov 4 16:49:19 2002
mat I dunno if I could meet up with you lot face to face, what with all the perverted things i've said. And if i'm gonna be any neighbours charachter then I want it to be Flick - then i can spend all day playing with my breasts and pussy and looking at myself in the mirror whilst doing it, getting dead wet knickers and sniffin' em and stuff. See what I mean?
Mon Nov 4 12:33:20 2002
Powerhouse Why is Lt. Uhura brown?

Because William Shatner!

Mon Nov 4 11:37:37 2002
Powerhouse terry duckworth is responsible for judy's death; terry duckworth is up on charges of attempted murder; terry duckworth is set to make a return; terry duckworth is the father; terry duckworth is alleged to have fled during a security search at dover hoverport at 3
Mon Nov 4 09:17:29 2002
GRAIL YEAH! Rantback convention! Do it craig, DO IT!!
Sun Nov 3 23:23:13 2002
Johnsy Its the women that are voting Diana to the top, and to Women, doing your bit for aids ridden bummers and educating people about landmines in Angola, is more more important than somebody who defines the laws of physics - simple bird fact for you.
Sun Nov 3 10:52:32 2002
Jacqui I got a vote through for someone else soggy but once I did it came up with I know you didn't vote for diana but how great do you think she was! Cheek! I mean what has she done for out country only thing I can see is compassion and thats nothing compared to the others!
Sun Nov 3 10:21:24 2002
aaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah
Sun Nov 3 00:39:53 2002
Soggster Has anyone else noticed the way the BBC are blatantly advertising the 100 greatest britons with a view to diana winning. On radio 2 the advert goes, something like, 'There's great...newton, brunell etc.....and there's great' and then dianas whining trap comes on, and the ad finished. Talk about trying to sway the bloody vote, I thought the beeb were supposed to be impartial. And it is also true, that if you try to vote for anyone but diana the page bombs. Man alive, if she wins its a bloody travesty. She did a bit for the aids riddled bummers, and the land mine thing was ok, but it's not as if she invested innoculation or penecillin, or set out the fundamental laws of physics.....FFS.
Sun Nov 3 00:03:37 2002
Soggster Hang on, 3 freetime thumbs up out of 10. Yeah, i know the plot was shit, and the effects were poo, but it gave me something to watch while i ate my doritos, and it's not as if i paid to watch it, it got it off mirc.
Sat Nov 2 23:57:46 2002
M Night Shamalayaman oooooh y'bitch
Sat Nov 2 23:34:36 2002
Jacqui Oh so Craig can see who puts all the posts by the ip adressees damn it lol no wonder!
Sat Nov 2 21:53:37 2002
BattleM@n You mean you're not gay???? Anyway, Soggster must have slept through half of signs, 'cause it was utter diarohea. Mind you - that bit with Jaquqalalwuqauqa Phoenix and his foil hat was hallarious.
Sat Nov 2 16:34:18 2002
Powerhouse Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Really Russ?? Or and elaborate Religious Nut ruse?? 80:20 in favour of Religious Nut I reckon.
Sat Nov 2 04:03:40 2002
Russ Actually, I still visit this site for the quality links Craig puts up from time to time (though more infrequently lately). Yeah, you're all cunts for what you did, but it's only the net so who gives a fuck? Anyway, I reckon we should get major snow again to fuck all the country up as England can't cope at all with excess weather. If it's windy, the railways stop cos of leaves on the track, if it rains, there are massive floods - no proper drainage systems, if it's too hot there are hosepipe bans. If it snows, we're all fucked. The weather in England has gone boring the last few years. PS: How come everyone thought I was gay? WhereTF did that come from??
Sat Nov 2 03:56:15 2002
Powerhouse RELIGIOUS NUT. Where you one of those nasty buggers who drove Russ away from us with the homosexuality jibes? IF YOU WERE, well, that wasn't very nice was it?
Sat Nov 2 03:45:53 2002
Powerhouse Did you know I had this site bookmarked for a year before I started reading it? No you didn't. I haven't been up at this time for ages - been playing gta3. You'll be pleased to hear that I ignored everyone's advice and bought a 50 quid graphics card for my system, and now the game runs great.
Sat Nov 2 03:38:14 2002
Religious Nut I think its been said before, but we should have a Rantback convention and meet face to face. Them we can see how fat everybody really is and distribute illegal hardware and software.
Sat Nov 2 02:56:58 2002
Religious Nut Don't you remember the golden days we argued about appendixes and stuff, and some girl who was a squirrel wanted to eat me. Or a Martian sheep, I dunno. I went to Pontins, and came back transformed. Maybe you've been brainwashed too?
Sat Nov 2 01:05:30 2002
Religious Nut Craigo, I am the same person. I became multidimensional, that is capable of being many people at once. Many of them enjoy drunkenness and debauchery. Life is more interesting that way. If you have a record of IP addresses of postings you will be shocked at the content and incredible unfunniness of my posts in recent months in my many sad identitites. Again, to be Harold Bishop is as flattering as my being compared to Ned Flanders many many many posts ago. Sniff, it is nice to be remembered tho. But if you prefer the onedimensional bigot I can still be him. I can be anyone you want...
Sat Nov 2 00:59:58 2002
Jacqui Well if Craig is the Helen Daniels then he would be dead! I joined the same day Craig did!"
Fri Nov 1 23:01:22 2002
Sir Lurkalot I guess That would make me Big Ron out of EastEnders - always in the background but rarely saying anything.
Fri Nov 1 22:18:26 2002
GRAIL Eh? why am I Terry Duckworth? WHO'S TERRY DUCKWORTH?!!
Fri Nov 1 19:41:58 2002
GRAIL Eh? why am I Terry Duckworth? WHO'S TERRY DUCKWORTH?!!
Fri Nov 1 19:41:57 2002
GRAIL Eh? why am I Terry Duckworth? WHO'S TERRY DUCKWORTH?!!
Fri Nov 1 19:41:41 2002
Powerhouse er, Jim Branning or Don Brennan, it's up to you. And I think you're right about Religious Nut Clive, so Mat can be somebody else who disappeared and then came back again..... Dot Cotton? Bet Lynch? . Oh who's stupid idea was this in the first place??
Fri Nov 1 17:58:43 2002
craig Surely Religious Nut is Harold? Or did he do a 'neighbours' and come back as a diffrent actor? I never believed 100% it was the same person in his brief return, he seemed so much more mellow. Has he left the series for good now?
Fri Nov 1 17:16:38 2002
Soggster Errrrm. Who is Jim Brennan?
Fri Nov 1 17:04:46 2002
Soggster The scene in "Signs" where its the kids party do you mean, and the alien walks past the end of the alleyway? It was very well done. The ending was a bit shit, but overall i'd give it 3 freetime thumbs up.
Fri Nov 1 17:02:26 2002
Powerhouse Talking of good opening credit sequences, the start of Signs is excellent. I know most people thinks it's a stupid film (it is storyline-wise), but it really spooked me, especially the home video section. I was getting into my car last nite in the dark, and I really did expect to see one of those aliens staring back at me. I haven't been so affected by a film since I was young man.
Fri Nov 1 14:59:34 2002
Powerhouse Nah, Nick Cotton. Mat is Harold - disappeared in mysterious circumstances for a long time, then turns up again safe and well as if nothing's happened.
Fri Nov 1 14:20:39 2002
BattleM@n So does this make me the Harold Bishop - not in it from the start, but keeps on turning up when the ratings get low =)
Fri Nov 1 14:04:00 2002
mat My housemate said there were loads of pissed up young girls in short skirts trying to get into pubs in down my road last night. I guess Halloween must be some kind of 'fun' night for vu' kids. I didn't see halloween as anything more than going round peoples houses essentially begging for money, thinly disguised as 'trick or treating'. Booze, halloween, kids - bah, humbug!
Fri Nov 1 12:28:37 2002
Powerhouse Then Mat is Harold Bishop and Lisa is Madge, and Soggster is Jim Brennan and Jacqui is that fat bird off of Hollyoaks and GRAIL is Terry Duckworth. I bought 24 packets sweeties for those nice kiddies last night, but only 3 turned up! I ate well last night.
Fri Nov 1 11:34:49 2002
Soggster Craig, being an inteligent sort of chap, you could search for when the first post of the regular posters first appeared, and publish a long service medal awards list. I myself would be a mere youngster, but i bet some of the freaks on here have been ranting since the war.
Fri Nov 1 10:48:50 2002
f0sta xbox for sale, modded then flashed wit evox 27 games 2 pads £210 includin p&p my msn name is electroman3030@hotmail.com if u wish to ask about it tryin to sell it so i can buy some gear off craig :) ta f0sta
Thu Oct 31 23:16:57 2002
craig i've cut the posts down again, i also looked though the old ones (well, scanned) its amazing just how many their are, and all the diffrent people who come and go, its like a soap, who has been here from the start? I am the Helen Daniels of this place?
Thu Oct 31 23:03:40 2002
papa lazarou hello dave, when can i have 128meg kit?and my afterburner?and maybe a new font ooh im thinking 'comic sans ms' its my birthday on tuesday
Thu Oct 31 22:25:14 2002
Trashcity Craig you are a sicko saying that to that poor bloke who lost his stuff in cyberland. Clearly too much tv.I think he should call in a private detective, like magnum pi, well he does have a big gun, or even ironside he has his own transport !
Thu Oct 31 19:39:53 2002
craig post a mobile phone, then tracking the postie phone the phone and see if you hear it start ringing he has it, and REALLY creeply my phone just started rining. How strange.
Thu Oct 31 18:18:07 2002
BattleM@n No - I'm pissed off: for a start, I tried to vote for someone other than Diana on the BBC Britons thing and all I got was: EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in module at 0000:b00dc210. Registers:EAX=de015000 CS=0167 EIP=b00dc210 EFLGS=00010286EBX=00000004 SS=016f ESP=027bdc58 EBP=027b8c72ECX=000014e6 DS=016f ESI=de008c60 FS=015fEDX=027bdc50 ES=016f EDI=de0112ef GS=0000Bytes at CS:EIP:So you can imagine I'm rather annoyed by this vote rigging technique. Secondly, I think that the local postie is nicking all the stuff I order online. But how do I catch him ??? Suggestions are welcomed....
Thu Oct 31 16:05:17 2002
Powerhouse Hello, I'm having fun - are you?
Thu Oct 31 15:38:29 2002
Wed Oct 30 20:33:20 2002
craig lol thats really funny, the hospital will be from an australian TV series which has a charicter named after me (or so i like to believe).
Wed Oct 30 19:20:52 2002
googlism.com craig rothwell is depressed now that kelly jones has gone from the hospital
craig rothwell is involved
craig rothwell is a name that should be familiar to most of you
craig rothwell is an oakville
craig rothwell is reliable
craig rothwell is selling the flash linker unit for under 109

Wed Oct 30 15:12:22 2002
Mrs A Prole I just went to that BBC site thingy and I can't find the button to vote for HollyandJessica as the greatest Britain thing. I am appauled that Hollyandjessica isn't there cos she was truely the ... um ... deadschoolgirls of our hearts. She touched our lives and brought compassion and humanity to us all. Better her than that Bruno guy, I mean all he did was build a university for toffs.
Wed Oct 30 13:56:40 2002
Jacqui Well I just went to vote for my greatest briton (anyone but Diana) and look what came on after I did bloody cheek! Rate Diana (even if she's not your Greatest Briton!)Thank you, your vote has been sent. You can vote again after the next programme. Throughout the series, we'd like you to rate each Great Briton for certain criteria of greatness. Diana is next to be rated. We would like you to rate Diana even if you didn't vote for her.
Wed Oct 30 13:14:55 2002
Powerhouse Clear. Sounds like the type of activity that happens up a dark alley when drunk.
Wed Oct 30 11:22:28 2002
Soggster Well, in purely educational terms, 'Top and Fingers' is when a gentleman and lady are involved in passionate love play, and the gentleman simultaneously fondles the ladies mammories and labia minor/majora. This can of course have several degrees of penetration from a simple peanut polish, to the gentleman having to tighten the strap on the wristwatch. I hope this clears thing up.
Wed Oct 30 09:40:14 2002
craig lisa do you think the seeds would grow into a jam tree inside your vagina?
Wed Oct 30 00:19:03 2002
Trashcity well thx for the offer get ya coat you have pulled....
Tue Oct 29 23:32:41 2002
Jacqui LOL good one trash! I'm in need of a jolly good seeing to any offers?
Tue Oct 29 20:17:05 2002
John Leslie you KNOW I'll be presenting a show with Richard "I'm" Bacon on Channel-5 in a year's time
Tue Oct 29 18:32:46 2002
trashcity John Leslie got a new show called I am a celebrity get him out of me.....
Tue Oct 29 18:24:29 2002
Powerhouse What's top and fingers?
Tue Oct 29 09:35:12 2002
Lisa You are welcome darling sweetie Craig. I liked the bit about the jam, I met a guy who had a sexual fetish about jam. Can't say I would appreciate the seeds personally. I would much prefer marmite.
Mon Oct 28 22:34:18 2002
Camilla Parker Bowles Fuck you all, i should be the one to win..... Charles has a Hugh pee nis.
Mon Oct 28 22:17:05 2002
Camilla Parker Bowles Fuck you all, i should be the one to win..... Charles has a Hugh pee nis.
Mon Oct 28 22:16:07 2002
John Leslie Go on, you know you want to.
Mon Oct 28 20:46:39 2002
Soggster The vote for the Star Trek thing? Must have missed that one. Craig is right, Diana is going to win the Greatest Britian thing, and what for excactly, looking all doey eyed at the camera playing up for sympathy. Manipulative minger. When I met her, I asked that as i pay her wages through my taxes going to the Civil list, could she let me have Top and Fingers, but did she let me, no. It's all take take take from these toffs.
Mon Oct 28 18:14:05 2002
Mon Oct 28 17:51:27 2002
shonda i love this web site
Mon Oct 28 17:25:27 2002
Jacqui Why don't we all chose a complete wanker for the person of britain so we can get a complete wanker to win like the vote for the star trek thing!
Mon Oct 28 17:24:37 2002
Winona Ryder I'm going clothes shopping later. Anyone intested in taging along?
Mon Oct 28 12:11:17 2002
Michael Douglas I'm looking for someone to beat the shit out of tonight, any takers?
Mon Oct 28 10:47:08 2002
John Leslie I'm looking for a date tonight. Any takers?
Mon Oct 28 10:06:13 2002
Father Fuckerloy (St. Suckalot church) I think you will find the priest expects to give you a little more input than that sonny. And even if you arent a choirboy, imagine how many Hail Marys John Leslie owes us. The man is perverted enough to be a bishop, so he is.
Sun Oct 27 02:10:17 2002
Trashcity Ok i will use the rythem method and withdraw my last post. NO hold on i will go watch some smut, lie, cheat and stealgo to confession on saturday, couple of hail marys an our fatherand I am as pure as the day I was born!
Sun Oct 27 00:12:30 2002
Mother Teresa Well I find that last comment most insensitive. Oh shit, wait, I'm dead myself aren't I? Bugger, bugger, bugger.
Sat Oct 26 23:32:22 2002
Trashcity How about a POPE deathwatch comp, like for the queen mother. The Pope can't have long to go, he is already a zombie !
Sat Oct 26 22:11:20 2002
VorHEeS You SkAnkEr We call him Yella, he is the bestHe rocks the house on the DMXWhen he's on the beatbox, he cannot missSo listen to the beat, as he rocks like this...
Sat Oct 26 18:51:39 2002
Sickdick I still like the idea of NAME THE NEXT CELEB TO CROAK, and since I named Richard Harris....Well just send me the GP32 now eh.
Sat Oct 26 09:05:58 2002
GRAIL Craig never even gives out the prize when you win a competition...... I'm STILL waiting for my Vanilla Ice record which I won like 10000 years ago. Stingy bastard! My friends car got broken into the other day when we parked it AT university. Granted it was in Sunderland, so it was to be expected.... but it's still pretty shocking isn't it? They nicked the stereo and made a mess of the paint work "THEY COULD HAVE BEEN A BIT MORE CAREFUL!" SO today in sweeet revenge I grassed up some charvs who were shoplifting from tesco's. HA. I was so blatent about it too.... I'll probably get my arse kicked to pieces if I ever see them again.
Sat Oct 26 01:22:18 2002
Powerhouse Oh man, I'm all outa red wine :(
Fri Oct 25 23:06:46 2002
Uncle Fucker How about the number of hits Craigs site has by Dec 31st 2002 at midnight?Of course poor old Craig the judge would have to sit at home and check the counter as the chimes go out, but he's probably gonna be doing that anyway ;pCould be interesting, as ppl will be reloading big time towards the end, to nudge the counter in their favour ... ;D
Fri Oct 25 20:43:50 2002
Arthur Dent Has anyone seen my pengiun?
Fri Oct 25 19:55:00 2002
Jacqui I think the competition should be a greatest caption to a certain picture maybe that one of the naked women parachuting!
Fri Oct 25 17:06:55 2002
Stumpy Or how about guess the number of people killed/injured in the inevitable shootings/bombings in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve ?
Fri Oct 25 16:56:32 2002
Stumpy Old people often peg it at Christmas. Why don't we have a "guess when the first celebrity dies after midnight on Christmas Eve" type comp. Or a "how many celebs die within the 12 days of Christmas" or some shit like that. Probably.
Fri Oct 25 16:54:22 2002
mat What about a public wanking competition? The winner is the person who wanks in the most public/funniest place. Of course, you would have to supply a photo as proof - just the jizz would do, we don't need to see any winkles.
Fri Oct 25 15:47:42 2002
Powerhouse Grail will you take me?
Fri Oct 25 15:00:49 2002
Powerhouse I often walk aroung Sainsburys in my slippers and smelly jogging bottoms. True, I do get some "care in the community" looks at times, but there's nothing wrong with that is there? I havne seen any women in pyjamas, but Sainsburys is a bit upmarket for that sort of thing eh?
Fri Oct 25 14:57:43 2002
mat What about a caption competition. We could use that horrible goatse picture of the stretched/prolapsed bum hole. or somthing. Craig could judge or we could get a famouse person in like Bill Gates or someone. or something...p'raps.
Fri Oct 25 12:04:17 2002
Osama Bin Laden Oh ya ya. I agree with Soggster ya. A Gp32 for the prize please, ya.
Fri Oct 25 09:34:38 2002
Soggster How about naming a town or city anywhere in the world where the next terrorist shin dig occurs that kills the most people (by a certain date). The person who gets it correct or nearest geographically wins the prize. Hmmm i've just read that back to myself and the competition is ok, but I think moraly it has some issues. Awww fuck it.
Fri Oct 25 08:44:23 2002
plant Er, actually, I'm not in the USA. WTF happened there then? Wasn't me who typed it... spooky!
Fri Oct 25 02:12:03 2002
Can anyone tell me if this is a localised 'phenomenon'. I live on the Wirral (near Liverpool), and have noticed a rising number of women going to the shops in their pyjamas. Is this a 'fashion statement' are are they, as I suspect, just fat lazy scouse hags who can't even be arsed to get dressed once their dole money arrives?
Fri Oct 25 02:10:36 2002
Craig its about time I gave some stuff away, but i still cannot think of a decent competition, i mean sure could have done the celebrity one - but honestly - who the fuck was going to name John Leslie? Exactly.
Fri Oct 25 01:14:47 2002
Patrick Lemons Golden showers
Thu Oct 24 23:57:50 2002
GRAIL I'm from n.e.r.d aren't you britney?BAAAAAAAAAAAACK. Not for long though. America's calling. SUCKERS.
Thu Oct 24 18:33:03 2002
Soggster Still, good job i've got 2 showers.
Thu Oct 24 17:54:12 2002
Soggster As I'm self employed I never book any work in before 10am if I can help it, so this allows me to go to bed late, and as I get work in the evenings, my day sort of shifts 2 hours later than everyone elses. Thats my excuse anyway. I'd been out in the dark on my mountainbike in the rain with me lights on until 9pm, then watched 'Signs' with Mel 'english hater' Gibson, which i downloaded off Mirc the other day, then surfed the net for some franky vaughn, then had a shower. So much to do, so little time, or so the bedside lamp says.
Thu Oct 24 17:51:59 2002
Powerhouse Simon Groom isn't the one taking sinister sounding showers at gone midnight on a weeknight.... .
Thu Oct 24 14:37:51 2002
craigix When i am in the shower and have just got the shampoo on for some reason thoughts of a power cut always enter my head until i've washed it out. Weird that, because nothing like that has ever happened when i've been in the shower.
Thu Oct 24 02:16:08 2002
Soggster Just got in the shower, got lathered up, then it broke (the shower). Stood in the shower shivering, eyes stinging, stabbing buttons and dials trying to bring it back to life, but to no avail. Why not do it before i get in? Bastards.
Thu Oct 24 00:49:40 2002
Soggster How can you say that when Simon Groom came out with "what a lovely pair of knockers" on live TV. I kid you not
Thu Oct 24 00:27:13 2002
Patrick Lemons When Ellis produced the satellite-dish headed spawn Sophie Ellis-Bextor? Do me a favour
Wed Oct 23 19:31:23 2002
Powerhouse Hmm but what about nice wholesome folk like Simon Groom, Sarah Green and the beautiful beautiful Janet Ellis? They seem above suspicion to me.
Wed Oct 23 17:27:05 2002
Soggster Its blue peter that does it, it turns them all to freaks. Here's the evidence. Peter Purvis (its in his name for gods sake), John 'bestiality' Noakes loved shep a little too much. That gay trampolinist fella. Richard 'sniff sniff' Bacon. Last but worst, Valerie Singleton.
Wed Oct 23 16:47:25 2002
craig isn't it extreamly creepy that he interviewed max clifford about it? This may also explain why this morning was not taking live calls too. A celebrity court case would be excellent. And john leslie being interviewed on the ever bottom of the barrel 'tonight with trevor macdonald', maybe with him even starting to cry during the interview - classic.
Wed Oct 23 13:47:20 2002
Ulrikakakaka http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/articles/1730067
Wed Oct 23 13:36:38 2002
craig didn't John Leslie interview max clifford about it though? I thought it was him until someone pointed that out.
Wed Oct 23 12:30:54 2002
mat Yeah, and it's(GTA3) fantastic too! I'm just on the bit where you pick up stuff dropped from an aeroplane - it's great!!!!!!!
Wed Oct 23 12:21:03 2002
Ulrikakakaka John Leslie?
Wed Oct 23 10:52:38 2002
Uncle Fucker Yeah. GTA3 is much better graphically on the PC.Same old game under the graphical luxury though.
Wed Oct 23 10:38:46 2002
mat I have GTA3 running sweet on my AMD Athlon 1800+ with GForce4Ti 4600 128Meg DDR Vid card!It looks and runs loads better than the PS2! it is the best game ever!It ran, just about playable on my celeron 800 with 64meg card....then i upgraded!
Wed Oct 23 08:27:27 2002
Soggster On the pipex BB front, as a user myself, it has been a bit rocky over the last month, but it seems to be settling down at the moment. Overall i've had good service from them. They've installed loads of new kit that didn't work apparently.
Tue Oct 22 23:50:33 2002
Soggster Neither the ps2 or xbox currently plays vcds, but they may do if someone writes some software to do so, and the xbox seems more likely on that front. Get a ps2 for games as they're easier to copy, but i reckon the xbox ones are better if you stand them side by side. Then go to tesco's and buy a Dansai 1010 dvd player from tesco's for 80quid and download the boot disk which allows it to play anything in the whole world. Including wax cylinders.
Tue Oct 22 23:46:37 2002
craig if i were you i'd get the ps2 console, its worth it for GTA3 alone, and GTA: VICE is coming out any day now, and looks even better. I bought one last xmas just for GTA3 (not bought anything else for it, but use it for DVD's) and am looking forward to vice taking up a good few weeks of my time soon.
Tue Oct 22 22:34:02 2002
Tue Oct 22 21:10:16 2002
Tossphate Does the X-box DVD player play SVCD's? My overpriced Sony DVD player fucking well doesnt. Another thing- I'm trying to apply for pipex BB (so I can get hold films in the first place), but the pipex site is always down. Does this affect your internet connection aswell?
Tue Oct 22 17:36:55 2002
Soggster Powerhouse, the PS2 is fine as a dvd player, it works a treat. It can't play VCD's though, even if you get it chipped, so if you download films its a pisser. To be honest the i have a PS2, Xbox and dvd player, and there is bugger all difference between them.
Tue Oct 22 14:10:41 2002
Powerhouse Yeah and when will the GP32s be available? I wanna make like cool Carl Driver and connect it up to my car stereo. Oh, and one more thing: Is the DVD playback on a Playstation 2 good enough for you to be able to use it as your main DVD player? (I can't afford both). And has anybody got GTA3 to run anything like fast on a Celeron PC? I've got a feeling I'm gonna havta upgrade, or buy a PS2. What should I do?
Tue Oct 22 12:21:25 2002
Morissey Wot's this backlit GBA thing?More details Craig, or I will come around your house and offer you on.
Tue Oct 22 11:23:13 2002
sad sad sad This is so sad
Tue Oct 22 00:25:42 2002
Gay Grey Grey gay!
Tue Oct 22 00:11:53 2002
Souvlaki - Σουβλακη Guided by Voices. Thee Billy Childish and George Dalaras are where musically it is at!
Mon Oct 21 13:59:00 2002
craig is THIS working, laaa server perl problems ahoy
Mon Oct 21 13:26:39 2002
Craig server scripts etc are working again then.
Mon Oct 21 12:20:03 2002
craig script test
Mon Oct 21 12:19:29 2002
BattleM@n http://www.robertisadamndirtyape.co.uk
Sun Oct 20 22:29:40 2002
Ralph Wiggum I sleep in a drawer
Sun Oct 20 22:19:35 2002
Father Fuckerloy (St. Suckalot church) Not enuff shaggin'?They were all 'begetting' each other.S'pose there's something about incest that's beneath you eh?
Sun Oct 20 17:46:14 2002
Soggster I too like Genesis. I also like other parts of the bible. A fantastic work of fiction, not enough shagging in it though.
Sun Oct 20 17:30:14 2002
someone Craig likes Genesis, its in his ICQ details. And he likes driving on motorways.
Sat Oct 19 18:28:29 2002
BUDDA Dear SHAME, if someone gives you a gift and you refuse that gift who does that gift still belong to ?Well I refuse your insult so who does that insult still belong to ?!
Sat Oct 19 16:21:19 2002
Shame McGowan of the Pogues I have been listening to Richard Ashcroft's song, and contemplated the issue of disconnecting with the ego. Unlike the lifelong devotion of the Buddhists and Harry Krishners it seems consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can have the same effect in a short space of time. So stick that one up your arse Buddha you fat bastard.
Sat Oct 19 01:43:20 2002
Jacqui Well we know it isn't craig and he doesn't have a genesis album cause it doesn't have a icon with his name!
Fri Oct 18 23:19:18 2002
green fairy dot com No I'm sorry, but Phil Collins really has to be laughed at.
Fri Oct 18 23:12:18 2002
Julian M Craig, are you still selling those x box mod chips? if so can i have another batch of 200. cheers mate.
Fri Oct 18 20:03:22 2002
Soggster I'm enjoying Coral at the moment. PS. She packed some stuff and left today. Tried to sneak off, but i came home early.
Fri Oct 18 18:49:37 2002
Fri Oct 18 17:53:55 2002
Carl Driver Car music- I hook up my mp3 player or pocket pc to the car cassette player with one of those 7.99 adapters from Argos, and get CD sound but without a car CD player. Is this cool, or actually sad for a reason I have not thought of?
Fri Oct 18 17:49:56 2002
Craig double post, i want it bad, Jerry.
Fri Oct 18 17:29:25 2002
Craig I want to suck your knob. I want to put your manhood inside my gob and tickle my tastebuds with your manfat fluid, the thought makes me solid, big old rigid cock, smellin, throbbin, pounding, raw meat...........................
Fri Oct 18 17:28:22 2002
Craig I want to suck your knob. I want to put your manhood inside my gob and tickle my tastebuds with your manfat fluid, the thought makes me solid, big old rigid cock, smellin, throbbin, pounding, raw meat...........................
Fri Oct 18 17:28:14 2002
Powerhouse J A P S E Y E ?
Fri Oct 18 13:37:13 2002
Fri Oct 18 13:03:41 2002
Powerhouse H T M L ?
Fri Oct 18 11:14:34 2002
Powerhoiuse I agree Mat, and I've been feeling bad for the cheapshot laugh. Listen to whatever you want to listen to I say. I've heard a couple of Phil Collins 80s songs recently, and he's certainly got a unique sound, even if it's not to everyone's tastes, although I understand that he's big with the P Diddies of this world.
I'm not really into anything at the moment. On my shopping list: Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Badly Drawn Boy; but I never get round to buying / listening to much these days - only in the car mainly. Car Tapes: Stone Roses by The Stone Roses, The Bends by radiohead, United by Phoenix (which I reckon Craig will like) Homemade compilations (Blur tape, Drugstore tape.)
The B side of my Stone Roses tape goes like this: 4 songs by Satellite (friend's band), Li'l Devil, Sweet Soul Sister (both The Cult), Tony (Mark & Lard), Gangster Trippin (Fatboy Slim), Going Out (Supergrass), Kid A (Radiohead), Status Quorn Medley (Mark & Lard)

Fri Oct 18 11:12:58 2002
green fairy dot com You don't get seasick do you?
Fri Oct 18 11:02:51 2002
mat Oooh, music snobbery. Terrible. Okay Genesis aint the coolest band on the Planet Earth and The Collins is a bit (well a total) of twat but each to their own. Seriously though Craig, get the Strokes (Is This It) album or a bit of They Might Be Giants (mink car - very good). Or some Epic45. or Doves (i'm very into The Last Broadcast at the mo'). What music is everyone else 'into' here then?
Fri Oct 18 10:09:53 2002
Shakin Stevens Please tell me that was a Genesis-loving Craig imposter...
Thu Oct 17 22:33:56 2002
Jacqui Just so people know!!!!! I gave Craig that url for the sky divers and not one word of grattitude! THeir is one with a bloke on his front with his cock between his butt cheeks too!
Thu Oct 17 22:31:31 2002
Souvlaki - Σουβλακη Craig - I have now lost all respect for you! Phil Collins ... in the love of god NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thu Oct 17 17:28:56 2002
craig I have the genesis live concert CD in the car, its excellent (they sound better live), although i think a lot of the songs are phil collins 80's hits that he just happened to sing while they were on tour. Still excellent motorway music.
Thu Oct 17 12:40:24 2002
mat Not really a Genesis fan Powerhouse, i've only ever heard "Land of Confusion" . I though it was ace at the time though. Still do probs but I aint got home net connection so can't get hold of it. If anyone wants to send me an mp3 of it though, that would be ace!! matholton@yahoo.com. go on, you know you want to.
Thu Oct 17 12:27:02 2002
Matt Duke nuked them
Thu Oct 17 10:31:28 2002
Powerhouse Are you all fuckin dead or what? Wales are going to win the World Cup!
Wed Oct 16 23:30:29 2002
Powerhouse Genesis fan? hohohoho! Is it true what I've heard that Russ has gone back to the USofA again? And that he's driving round Washington in a nice white van? Hope he's enjoying himself.
Wed Oct 16 13:24:39 2002
mat Wow, I just went to this great site: www.LandOfConfusion.com it really is a fantastic site, the guy who makes it must be dead sexy, uuum etc.
Wed Oct 16 12:14:07 2002
Sir Lurkalot Gosh, I'd never have put you two together you know. I mean, he's like a minus and you're like a plus.
Wed Oct 16 02:51:39 2002
Paula Abdul Hi everyone. Has anyone seen my boyfriend? He is a cartoon cat.
Wed Oct 16 01:58:46 2002
Kurtis the Krazy Kat Hey folks, if some stupid bitch comes in here looking for me, you aint seen me , okay?
Wed Oct 16 01:57:58 2002
Powerhouse Ahhh that's so cute! GIS A FUCKIN PICTURE
Tue Oct 15 21:39:19 2002
green fairy dot com One or one hundred, it's all the same to me, your bloody long url slap bang in the middle. Go on. See those cute little title tags? Just change them. It'll only take a scenond. You know you want to. Go on.
Tue Oct 15 21:21:32 2002
Craig WEEELlllllllLLLlll it does, sort of, i own craigrothwell.com and i am probably going to rename it that. Just before i do that, i will remember to send as many people to your page as i can, see if i can manage 100 in a day.
Tue Oct 15 21:01:36 2002
green fairy dot com I spit on you Craig! I spit on you! Everytime I try to install a referer script on my page it buggers up my entire layout because YOU, yes YOU don't have a proper title to your page which the script insists of displaying in all it's glory without breaks thus messing up my lovely tables. Give your page a proper (short!) title or kindly stop sending hits my way!!!
Tue Oct 15 18:41:28 2002
Sickdick Some say "Oral sex can make your day".BUT.... "Anal sex makes your hole weak"
Tue Oct 15 13:48:39 2002
Yella A man takes his Rottweiler to the vet. "My dog's cross-eyed, is there anything you can do for him? " "Well," says the vet, "let's have a look at him" So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then checks his teeth. Finally, he says "I'm going to have to put him down." "What!? Because he's cross-eyed? " "No, because he's got rabies."
Tue Oct 15 10:15:25 2002
MC Ren YO, fuck it up Yella............
Tue Oct 15 09:23:02 2002
Craig's mum IMPORTANT OFFICIAL STATEMENT i caught Craig playing with his little chap this morning whilst looking at pictures of Vin Diesel. imagine my shock, his work computer used for debauchery. i am sorry to say that i can't have this in my house and I am confiscating his computer. Therefore he will no longer be maintain this site and it will close as of 18/10/02. Sorry.
Tue Oct 15 09:20:35 2002
Soggster My motherboard knackered up, how absolutely splendid. Then after fitting a new one, my dsl modem stopped working because XP said i didn't have an "XYZ" fitted, but "XYZ" was there in device manager. I was told by Pipex that this is due to installing XP service pack 1, so I rung microsoft and this is the killer. The bloke said something along the lines of ' do you really think that microsoft would release a servide pack without testing it for things like that' I laughed down the phone at him. In the end i had to reinstall XP to get it working.
Tue Oct 15 09:12:03 2002
Mr Lumberjack This is a log
Tue Oct 15 01:21:49 2002
Richard o'Brien This is a logic test: A=5, C=13, E=26: 12,3,2 1,15,20,21,2 2,5,5,2
Mon Oct 14 22:47:30 2002
benny hill this is a non login test
Mon Oct 14 21:32:58 2002
Craig this is a login test
Mon Oct 14 21:30:44 2002
craig i could never bring myself to kill apples.
Mon Oct 14 19:38:48 2002
Jeremy Beadle That's easy for you to say
Mon Oct 14 19:35:38 2002
green fairy dot com Best just stick to what you can hunt down and kill with your own hands...
Mon Oct 14 16:52:52 2002

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