The demand for afterburner GBA's has made it pretty much impossible to meet for xmas from after TODAY (monday 9th dec). So order NOW.
Mon Dec 9 03:05:24 2002

Visitors to a off-beat Berlin arts center thought a dead woman on the ground was a performance art act rather than a suicide, police said on Thursday.
Mon Dec 9 01:17:47 2002

Ohhh i think i might kill myself off online sounds like fun.
Mon Dec 9 00:44:45 2002

Competition delayed - i just spilt a drink all over my laptop, have to wait for it to dry!
Fri Dec 6 00:23:36 2002

Found out today the new GBA units made from approx mid november are diffrent inside and DO NOT work with the current version of the TV Transverter - however there is already a new version in the works to solve this problem. I'll add an option for the version of GBA to get round this.
Thu Dec 5 19:24:32 2002

Hmmmm GameCube protection cracked? All looks a bit extreme for a ... well.. finished console. Talking of finished consoles I got an Xbox yesterday just for Jet Set Radio Future, pretty good so far was only 158 with a couple of games. Should keep me entertained over xmas, then i'm turning it into a Divx player.
Thu Dec 5 17:49:37 2002

We have still not had a refund from Liksang/Visoly i've just emailed them again to see what they say now.
Wed Dec 4 19:27:45 2002

GBAmod skins should arrive today! Just like a mobile phone cover for your GBA! Some excellent designs. We will probably be giving them away with various things, and they will be around 4 each seprate or less if you order more. Less is more.
Tue Dec 3 12:26:33 2002

The Notice

OK, xmas is coming and i have finally worked out a competition, it will be ready this week and its a MYSTERY SOLVING one. First person to solve it wins... anything they want from the site, or several things or whatever. (note to self, yellow does not work as an update colour)
Tue Dec 3 01:53:19 2002

Utterly weird, yet reminds me of C64 graphics ;)
Mon Dec 2 18:10:42 2002

My dad has worked with loud machines all his life, it is making him go deaf, i keep telling him this, but he just won't listen.
Mon Dec 2 12:12:43 2002

Sorry for the lack of updates, i swear its not down to apathy its more just tiredness... err... anyhow, we will have the GBA's in various colours from this week, i will update the page with an option later.

Nothing much else is happening, i am considering buying and selling used cars (awight mate, i swears shes minta) apart from that nothing has really caught my eye of late. Usually when i say that i suddenly update with a million posts.
Sun Dec 1 20:57:21 2002

Been a lot of requests for this 'Halo' light lately, well its not actually called that from what I can gather, some american site just made up that name, but as soon as we have seen one in action and if its any good we will take pre-orders, i'm not going to risk taking preorders on something i've not tried because the rumours i've heard about it are varied.
Tue Nov 26 10:22:15 2002

Some of you were interested in my MP3 radio for the car, which i now have a working version of. At first I wanted the sony one which was sold out, then I wanted the Panasonic(?) one also sold out, so settled for a Goodmans one (are they shit? hehehe) anyway, its great plays MP3's in fantastic quality, scrolls the song name and other parts of the ID tag if you like, lets you browse folders and has many other options i'll never understand.

HOWEVER there are some things which have annoyed me, it does not identify the radio station your listening to (my old one did) and it does not have Traffic Alert to warn you of any traffic jams up ahead. But hey, its better than a 10 disc cd changer! Was 179.99's worth of my legacy and i'm really enjoying it, and it does not skip even when driving offroad in the woods (ideal for serial killers who find music important)!
Tue Nov 26 07:54:19 2002

The GBA flash kits are getting harder (more expensive) to get at the moment due to a memory shortage which might mean the prices have to be increased slightly (i'm thinking 4.99) which i'm not too happy about, so it might be a good idea to buy from the current batch.

Xmas orders should be placed before 16th dec to avoid any problems. I am trying to get dangerous toys dot co dot uk up and running before xmas, but were bloody busy :) ah i'm up early, time to read the daily mail and make myself angry, a daily ritual.
Tue Nov 26 07:35:11 2002

I went a spent some of my legacy on a new cd player for the car, I was going to import one from china but i kinda wanted one now and argos had a good deal on an MP3 one.

Now I don't know about you, but new products that require any fitting are always cursed for me, and this cd player was no exception, connected it all up and it worked, but as soon as you connect the rear left speaker it just goes silent.

So i have 2 choices I just live with mono sound in the back or I try to take it back... but this was the last one they had in the store. Argh. All new products are against me, like i have somehow offended the electronics industry. Hitler would never have stood for this.
Thu Nov 21 22:54:05 2002

I'm a bit dissapointed that we have already finished GTA3 vice, and it was not '3 times' as big as GTA3, in fact it seemed smaller, and the map is certainly repetative and flat, crazy taxi 2 flashbacks! NOOOO!

On another note, GBA replacement screens finally here, for 4.99, ideal for replacing a scratched up screen.
Wed Nov 20 02:21:53 2002

Got a mean looking letter today from a solicitors office in London, you can probably imagine the horror i felt when i saw it, obviously assuming something was rather wrong i slowly opened it with thoughts of me being sued for crashing into someone or the family of jimmy the corpse taking a dislike to my dead body story.

So, upon seeing the important looking expensive watermarked paper with huge mean looking logo at the top I began to read, only to be pleasantly suprised to discover i have inherited 1,000 from a distant relative I didn't know. Nice one. I'm thinking my first ever proper holiday.
Mon Nov 18 00:31:32 2002

A mental health charity is reviewing its home visit procedures after two members of staff visited a patient and left without realising she was dead.
Thu Nov 14 17:21:38 2002

Me and my sister have been playing GTA Vice all week, but last night i got out a crate of orange juice from costco to drink (being all healthy and that) but it seems to have had some seriously weird effects, we both slept for 12 hours and had crazy dreams all night. Thats a Vitamin C overdose for you i suppose.
Thu Nov 14 15:14:12 2002

I'm going to start a really good non life threataning fire i thnk, and just watch it burn.
Wed Nov 13 23:38:02 2002

The number of emails asking has finally beaten me down, we have arranged to install afterburner lights for you on your gba's. It will be 15 plus the cost of the afterburner, if you are interested email me.
Wed Nov 13 17:15:16 2002

First we get 'Celeb' if you even needed proof whitehouse was the brains behind Harry Enfield that was it, so unfunny it was just plain creepy. Now i see to my absolute horror something on BBC2 called 'TLC' which i have recenetly descoved is a remake of the excellent 'Scrubs' it begs the questions WHY. Why remake an american sitcom? Just show the bloody original.

Speaking of strange remakes does anyone remember A) Russ Abbot and B)Russ Abbots version of 'Married with children'? Classic. There should be a satellite channel devoted to bad remakes.
Mon Nov 11 20:05:18 2002

Got GTA Vice city at 9am, don't expect many posts from me for a few days :) over 100 classic 80's hits on the sound track alone! AND AND AND a FREEEEE copy of Ron Howards directorial debut 70's flick 'Grand Theft Auto (the movie)' comes with the game... 'two thumbs up' - the fonz.
Fri Nov 8 15:50:14 2002

Talking of adverts i wish that song on the 206 advert 'raccchhhaaa' would be released, i believe its by some dude called Raj Mushtaq, but its not on any fire sharing networks, and the song is possibly shit anyway when heard in full. So often the case with advert music. Just like the bastard products then.
Fri Nov 8 00:14:00 2002

You can now find out if you have aids with a handy 20 min test. Test those skanky people you bring home.
Thu Nov 7 23:25:26 2002

Nasa has eventually got fed up with those stupid alchamists who think the moon landings didn't happen.
Thu Nov 7 23:20:42 2002

I would never shop somewhere that used to word 'stonking' in an advert. DHS bastards.
Thu Nov 7 23:04:37 2002

Went to see the new Zombie flick '28 days later...' but to call it a zombie movie is probably wrong. Sure Zombies are there, but they are more like a distraction that the actual main attraction. The real story involves a group of survivors making their way to the Lake District where they are sure there is a safe haven from the undead.

That journey maybe takes up a little too much of the film, and also partially shows its low ($16mil) budget (where were all the abandoned cars on the M1?) me thinks a lot of early morning film shoots provided the deserted streets scenes.

Danny Boyle (of Trainspotting fame) is behind this movie, and he has gone for an at least mid-Atlantic look, while not falling totally for the American mainstream feel. Filmed on digital cameras, tragically not in wide screen (making it look odd at the cinema), and mysteriously changing style at the end it will seem a bit messy and it certainly borrows (steals?) from Day of the dead in the second half.

Its not a bad film, but you will come away wondering what happened to the zombie in-fucking-fested finale you were expecting, and praying the DVD has an alternative ending. At least its not another British gangster film :) lets give it 6.5 out of 10.
Mon Nov 4 20:14:07 2002

Nokia have launced a new portable game console/phone looks like the GBA, and with sega signed up as a developer should be very interesting!
Mon Nov 4 19:42:51 2002

We will have the much requested GBA replacement screens from tuesday, for about 4. In other news absolutely nothing is happening, oh my counter has decided to reset, look i have had only 500 visits in 6 years :)
Mon Nov 4 01:12:48 2002

OOhhhh Halloween5 is on :) this is the one where the opening credit sequence is better than the rest of the film. And thats almost over. Oh well. I forgot it was halloween until like 9pm anyway :)
Thu Oct 31 23:46:11 2002

128meg kits on their way back into stock (horay!) should be here on friday.
Wed Oct 30 12:17:24 2002

Can i just say i am sickened yet totally unsuprised that Diana princess of bloody arse is on course to be voted by fucking joe public bastard as the Greatest Briton of all time. Just think for a second that that title means.
People believe she is greater than Darwin, Shakespeare, Brunel, Newton et al. Just go here and look at all those faces then in the bottom left dianas face looking hopelessly out of place. Its making my piss boil it really is. People really are getting stupider, I believe a direct link lies in the increasing number of cable tv channels and the decreasing IQ of Joe Scum.
Wed Oct 30 00:33:24 2002

Bateing the Nigerian scam people seems to be the new internet sport at the moment, and this one, in which DR. ELVIS ANYIM confirms the existance of the Pterosaurs, is absolutely hilarious.

I'd try it too, but i'd be too scared of being assassinated by ruthless nigerian gangsters.
Mon Oct 28 21:24:06 2002

Hi Craig,
I thought you would like this.

(thank you darling lisa sweetie)
Mon Oct 28 11:37:21 2002

AALLLL RIGHT Lord Tebbit is on BBC3, um i mean ITV, talking about prejudice this should be funny.
Mon Oct 28 00:41:15 2002

The newspapers have recently been using their pretty powerful influence to destroy Barrymore and Leslie (mirror 'Leslie, your FINISHED' classic) i have had a good laugh at this, mainly because I disliked the 2 people involved, its not like i knew them personally or anything, i just based my hatred on the tv shows they chose to host.

What IS interesting however is the ability of the public to conform to the papers views, don't you think? This brings a great fear into me that DIANA will be voted the greatest briton of all time (or whatever the BBC thing is called) when as you people know, she should not even be in the fucking top 100. Biatch.

Alas people are too ignorant of our history to know who most of the people involved are, so please, just convince your stupid friends to vote for anyone but Diana on the BBC website.
Mon Oct 28 00:40:50 2002

Cars. Evil cars.
Fri Oct 25 00:58:03 2002

Limited numbers of GBA consoles with the afterburner light pre-installed for just 84.99! Don't miss this excellent offer!

Also the GBA TV out adaptors for playing your GBA on the big screen.

Some other stuff too that i've not had time to put online yet! 128meg carts are STILL out of stock (impossible to get the 128meg chips at the moment) so stick to 256meg.
Wed Oct 23 22:36:59 2002

Talking of bargains, check out how cheap customs are selling siezed cars for!
Wed Oct 23 22:36:59 2002

Hello bargin hunters, as you know i never buy anything unless its discounted etc, well i believe i got a real good deal today! Was in PC world (for labels again, grrr) and came accross an ex-display colour IBM laser printer, the guy was putting the exdisplay thing up as i was looking. 250 quid! Then I complained about no box, and they reduced it to 220!

Ah Craig, but it will be shit, right? Wrong! The quality is excellent, nice and glossy and its fast - Its better than my 1400dpi 'photo, slug slow' epson!

Nuestros profesionales estan preparados abren su puerta o, si es imprescindible, sustituyen su cerradura de igual modo, sea cual sea: cerradura de bomba, cerradura multipunto, cerradura tubular, cerradura electrica cambios y reparaciones de cerraduras Madrid apertura de puertas, reparacion de pomos y manetas.
Wed Oct 23 21:35:22 2002

I'm lying here, on the floor, from where i last spoke to you, surrounded by lots of wood. The walls are painted too, and my bed consists of a pile of duvets, all looks very mystic and oriental... well if you don't notice the one armed bandit and TV. Walls are painted white - its all looking very cool now.

We will have a limited number of backlit GBA's from next week, you will love them.
Tue Oct 22 01:58:15 2002

Tue Oct 22 01:55:10 2002

Burnt the entire contents of my room today, in the garden I might add, as I am having a total redesign. Minamalistic, wooden varnished floor and a waterbed. Thats it. It will be peaceful.
Thu Oct 17 22:58:56 2002

Stereotypes. (ooohhh! boo hiss etc)

(thanks Darren)
Thu Oct 17 12:34:33 2002

Liksang is back online, minus all console mod equiptment. We have not heard from them regarding our 6000 yet.
Tue Oct 15 12:07:58 2002