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Jetset Miner Willy, Burgertime, Jumping Jack, Project X, Head over Heels, Tetris Pro , Pacman Invaders

'4 out of 5' - PC Zone Magazine.

JetSet Miner Willy-PC V.1.0 From Mirror 1 (Europe)

Download those missing bonus games! just put them in the same dir as JSW.

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An update of the classic ZX Spectrum game 'Jetset Willy' the game plays exactly the same as the original, but much has been added. 256 colour graphics and a selection of Manic Miner levels spanning 2 games. To finish this game it takes a true expert and a lot of time! Many will be familiar with the Mario style map on which you negotiate the levels, this is in fact a clever front end to loading the 'tape files'.

Good players will soon notice the new additions such as Manic Miner 7 which soon starts to add new features like moving platforms, imploding rooms, boss's etc...
It supports many other games which use the Jetset Willy engine these games are (the're included in the zip - these games use the original graphics and level data from the tape file):

The original Jetset Willy, Willy in Space
Willys Holiday, The Continuing Adventure
Willys New Hat, The Deadly Mission
Jetset Willy 3

Feel free to email questions and suggestions to me.
Code by Craig Rothwell ([email protected])
Graphics by Helen Foote ([email protected])
Music by Matt Simmonds

(C)raig Rothwell 1997/98